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10:59am 03/08/2006
  They may have broken up, but Save Yourself is still being used today

Somewhat unrelated, but when I heard the song it made me kinda quishy inside.

That is all

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09:57pm 07/02/2006
  Now I've a small request. I'm desperately looking for an MP3 of Sleep - Daddy's little girl remix. If anyone has it, could they please drop me a line?  

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05:08am 24/10/2005
  remember how horrible the video for "sometimes it hurts" was?


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05:55pm 27/07/2005
  This community is dead. D-E-A-D. We need like a reunion album or something...

Can someone even enlighten me again on how this community was created? I noticed that the members have grown to 40-60 members.. but haven't this community been here even before the days of the AOL MTV message boards?

Someone answer me damnit :| If I know you or not, just answer me. And if I really know you.. well... you'll find out :D

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09:34am 02/04/2005
  Hullo :)
I'm re-visiting my past here.. i used to be a big Stabbing Westward fan, pulled a couple of their cds out when i was moving and realised i hadn't listened in a while.. so here i am. I've seen SW play once, when they supported Live (in New Zealand, a few months before they disbanded).. the day of the night they played, a friend and i recognised Chris on the street and (sad to say) stalked him while he talked in a phone booth. He noticed (probably hard not to) and came and talked to us.. decent guy! Plus he was wearing those nice fitting jeans.. ;)

So, i'm here to catch up on any news and anything else that comes along :)

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Stabbing Westward music videos 
10:29pm 15/11/2004
  Hey everyone,

I was going through my hard drive on my old computers, and found that I had saved Stabbing Westward music videos from years ago. They are in mpeg format. The ones that I have are: Shame, What Do I Have to Do?, Save Yourself, So Far Away, and 2 behind the scenes quicktime movies from when their final album was released. If anyone wants these, comment here or IM me; my sn on aim is Rosie1300.


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01:11am 25/07/2004
  hey, uhh, i'm new! i haven't been able to stop listening to my darkest days cd for the past two or three days (..except when my batteries die) so i decided, it's time to join a stabbing westward community!! and this one seemed pretty awesome, so here i am.

...yup. hi.

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Another shameless plug... 
01:15pm 15/07/2004
mood: accomplished
This forum was created to bring together musicians of all walks of life. If music is a huge part of your life, then this this the place for you. Feel free to help out your fellow members by posting tips or tricks.. by offering get-togethers or jam sessions. Talk about some of your favorite bands and the people who have influenced you the most. This community is also a great way to start that band you've always been dreaming of, or to add members to your existing band. You could also use this forum to plug your band.. whether it's for local gigs, or to just get your music heard to the masses.

X-posted everywhere... sorry

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05:14pm 15/06/2004
mood: cheerful
Hey Hey! Just came across a couple of Kill Hannah songs that were remixed by Andy! I have no idea how long these songs have been floating around but, to just stumble across them made my day!

(Windows Media)
(Real Audio)

(Windows Media)
(Real Audio)

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07:36pm 11/05/2004

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Pic i made some time ago 
08:53pm 01/04/2004
mood: artistic

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02:35pm 31/03/2004
mood: angry
Hey all. I'm not new to lj but I'm new to the community. I am absolutely infatuated with Stabbing Westward, have been for about 6 years now.
I was talking with a friend of mine in Indianapolis about SW and she said it's great music to listen to when you feel like throwing yourself off a bridge or something. But when I listen to them, I feel suddenly empowered and very emotional. Chris's voice just touches me in a way that I can't quite explain. I listen to them all the time, good mood or bad, and they just fit.

Does anybody else really feel like that? Or do you just listen to it in certain moods? *shrug*

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the dreaming. 
11:17am 21/02/2004
  I saw the dreaming last night at the troubadour in santa monica, ca. It was absolutely incredible. First of all, Chris is the nicest celebrity I have ever met. He kept talking to my friends and I because he continuously almost tripped on some chord that was next to us. In fact, we talked with him more than anyone else did. They played 7 songs- bleed, let it burn, afraid, and many others which I didn't know. They had techincal difficulties and had to cut "beautiful" from their set list, and they almost performed an encore but the drummer, jonny, had unplugged his drum set already (even though it would have taken him 2 minutes at most to plug them back in).
Well, basically it was amazing. When I was talking to Chris he couldn't hear me so i whispered into his ear, and it was awesome.

my friend took some pictures with her phone camera, and here they are. the quality is kinda poor because chris was never in the light long enough to get a good shot of him, but oh well.

The DreamingCollapse )

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The obligatory joining post 
07:11pm 16/02/2004
  Hey guys. Been going on a mass community joining spree recently.

Stabbing Westward....hmmm where do I start? Amazing. Truly mind blowing. This place looks pretty cool, hope everyone's okay, and speak soon.


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12:07am 13/02/2004
mood: sick
Hello..........and as the new member I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Sharmane and I have been a loyal loyal fan of Stabbing Westward for many many years. Ummmm.......on a sad note....I've only seen them in concert once (and it was about 6 or 7 months before they disbanded)...*sad face*... I really can't think of anything more to say except that I hope I can be of assistance to this community in any way possible!


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Rare Stabbing Westward CDs! 
10:29pm 14/01/2004
  I'm selling all 10 of my Stabbing Westward singles and promo CDs on Ebay. They're listed at the very bottom of my friend's seller page here

They're listed at the bottom right now...but if he adds any more items they won't be. Up for sale is:

Violent Mood Swings single
Lies radio promo CD
Black cover Nothing radio promo
UK import Control single

What Do I Have To Do radio promo
Australian What Do I Have To Do import single
Shame radio promo
I Don't Believe radio promo

Australian Save Yourself import single
Sometimes It Hurts radio promo

All are pretty rare, and all are good collector's items. I'll combine shipping costs for several items bought by one person. And while you're there look through the rest of the stuff we're selling, just in case. In a while I'll add all of my rare NIN CDs...if anyone is interested in those comment on this entry and I'll go ahead and post the link in here when they're up.

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09:38pm 07/01/2004
actually, i'm wondering if anyone has the cover of "me & a gun" by tori amos that stabbing westward covered. i'm pretty sure i'd be a live version.
i've been looking for it all over the place.

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12:44am 01/01/2004
  Happy New Year everyone!  

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just wanted to share something 
03:42pm 15/12/2003
  hey im new here...just stumbled across you guys and i thought wow there are still fans out there! and i wanted to share this with fellow SW fans that know what im talking about. so this is what happened...once i found out that chris started the dreaming i was ecstatic! so i got the nerve to email him to tell how awesome he was and that i was glad that he was still singing... well i got an answer back a few months ago from him and i was about to pee my pants! heres what he said...

thanks! we are going to try to get out to the east coast soon but until we get a record deal we are strictly a local west coast band! on money! sorry. we are going to be releasing a 3 song EP online that will be downloadable for 3 bucks. hopefully in the next week or so. let me know what you think when you hear it. i am also going to try to post some live clips on the sight as well ! thanks again. christopher

woohoo! isnt that wonderful?!?!?!

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SW newbie 
12:08am 10/12/2003
mood: calm
Hello guys. I just joined this community and new to LJ. Just thought I say hi to everybody in here. I <3333333333333333333333 Stabbing Westward! 2004 will be my 9th year that I have been a fan of Stabbing Westward for. I have loved them since I was in 6th grade when Wither, Blister, Burn and Peel came out. They are just awesome and Chris Hall is a god. I could really use some new SW friends on my friends list. So, if you want to be my friend, comment here on this entry. Until then, rock out and keep on loving Stabbing Westward.



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